President`s Message April 2015

What I See as the Future for the Lakewood Ranch Republican Club by Steve Vernon, President: 

In March 2015, it was my distinct honor to be elected the new President of the Lakewood Ranch Republican Club (LWRRC).  I am only the 2nd President since we were formed in 2008 when Dr. Craig Triguiero co-founded and became our first President.  I can only hope I do as well as he had done in leading the Club during the past seven years.

Soon after my election, I was asked what I see as the future of our Club.  Well, the future looks very bright indeed for the Lakewood Ranch Republican Club.  We’ve increased our membership every year since I’ve been on the Board of Directors.  The growth of the greater Lakewood Ranch area is well known and it has a strong conservative Republican base. 

Additionally, some people may not know me that well, so I’d like to tell everyone who I am, which should give an indication as to where I’d like to see this Club to go. I am a Republican who truly believes in and practices the time proven Principles of the traditional Republican Party.  I am an activist who believes “We the People” must be ever vigilant and alert to any encroachment upon our liberties.  And when we see such encroachment, we must act.   


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Government Accountability

March 30th, 2015

Taxpayers already send government enough of their hard-earned dollars in taxes. Republicans support zero-based, accountability budgets that show how every dollar is spent and ensure that taxpayers see positive results for their investment. In these challenging economic times, we cannot afford fraud or waste of our money.


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